Terms & Conditions

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Customer” – Company, firm or people who appoint WritersPortal.net to find a suitable “expert/writer” in order to fulfill clearly written requirements in the form of “word” document.

Expert/Writer” – Person who will conduct necessary research and write content based on “Customer’s” provided guidelines

“Revision Policy” – We offer 3 Free revisions on all orders. In case customer wants to correct spellings, grammar, context, images; we will do so at no additional charge. In order to avail a Revision, customer must provide us with Highlighted document indicating what needs to be edited/revised along with guidelines.

Any revision request without the highlighted document may not be entertained.

“Refund Policy”Click here to read the refund policy.

Ordering Rules

Customer who is ordering must use his/her own credit card or PayPal account. 3rd Party payments are not allowed.

Customer must provide valid and readable Photo ID that could be (Driving License, Passport, and National ID).

Name of payer must be same as his/her PHOTO ID.


We will not deliver order until we have valid proof of ID and we reserve the rights to cancel the order same time and refund your complete payment if you fail to provide us identification.

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