Refund Policy

1.We believe communication is the key to solve any problems and encourage customers to use the different communication channels we offer:

. Phone
. Email
. Live Chat

If you have any concerns with the service received, we encourage you to give your feedback whether positive or negative so we can look into it and find an appropriate solution.

2. If you are not satisfied with first delivered work and you have time for submission, you can ask for a revision by requesting a New Writer or re do from scratch.

3. If your work is plagiarized, we encourage you to use your 3 Free revisions to solve the plagiarism issue. If after 1st revision your work still has plagiarism, we will issue a 50% refund.

4. If your work is out of scope; meaning you asked for an apple and got a watermelon, we will issue a full refund.

5. If your work has mistakes like; grammar, headlines, graphics/images, spelling mistakes, topics, theories, etc. We will fix it by offering your 3 free revisions. And still after receiving 3 revisions, you are not fully satisfied, we will give you 50% refund.

6. If you think, your work is totally wrong or you are not satisfied at all to proceed, kindly let us know in first revision so we do not proceed further and issue you a full refund.

7. You will allow us ( 14 days time to review and fix your problems.

8. Refund will be issued if you want to cancel within 12 hours of placing the order.

9. Refund shall not be issued if you have received exactly what you described within your requested time frame.

10. Full Refund will be issued if you have paid twice for the same order or have been charged twice by technical error.

Lastly, any issue can be resolved through communication, hence we encourage our customers to let us know what problems you are facing and we will do everything possible to solve and facilitate you.

Important: By accepting our terms and conditions, you are agreeing to solve any issues between and yourself (customer) and you will only proceed to Chargeback if we do not fulfill above mentioned policy.

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